wheelchair accessible terrace Botnico Javea

How wheelchair Accessible is Botanico Bar and Restaurant, Javea?

It is difficult to write this review on how wheelchair accessible Botanico Bar and Restaurant in Javea is, because I like the bar and restaurant very much. However, I couldn’t recommend it for those requiring accessibly. Read on to see why.

Accessible layout at Botanico

There are three areas of seating at Botanico and they all do offer wheelchair access but with varying degrees.  The first at Botanico are the two higher seating areas at the side of the terrace with fantastic views of the beach. They are wheelchair accessible once you are over the graduated step which is angled and raises from 0-2 inches. These have lovely padded long seating which are really sociable areas where a group of around six or seven can sit easily and chat and drink.  The second area at Botanico is on the front terrace and the seating here is more of a table and chair configuration. Again wheelchair access is good although they are closer together so when busy it can be difficult to manoeuvre around people sitting at their tables.

Not wheelchair accessible without help at Botanico Javea

The third is inside the restaurant itself. The question as to whether this is wheelchair accessible is dependent on your need and your mindset of accessibility. There is a ramp into the indoor seating  that cannot be described as an accessible ramp for wheelchair users. However, Rob in his wheelchair and with help from myself or friends,is able to negotiate this terrible steep ramp.

Wheelchair accessible toilet at Botanico

This restaurant has an accessible toilet which you will find behind the door indicating ladies toilet. It is quite common the El Arenal, Javea for the accessible toilet to be in the ladies. Botanico’s accessible toilet is no different. However, the accessible toilet at Botanico is down the steep ramp and therefore Rob, who is an independent wheelchair user cannot go to the toilet without help. This is not really acceptable.

Disabled Parking for Botanico  Bar and Restaurant , Javea

The nearest disabled parking space to Botanico, Javea is in Calle Pireo however, the whole of the promenade is step-free and a great flat rolling surface so you can park in any disabled spaces behind the Arenal Beach area and then wheel to Botanico. If distance walking/rolling is an issue then the disabled space in Calle Pireo is the nearest. Once you park there, look to your right. Botanico is right next to the disabled parking.

disabled parking El arenal
Park and turn left when you see the beach

So why visit to Botanico in Javea?

One of the reasons why Rob and I find ourselves ignoring the awful ramp, which is something which we rarely do; we do not usually spend money anywhere where no attempt has been made to make a premises accessible. However, at Botanico Javea they have made some effort to make it accessible; a farcical ramp that is way too steep and could be dangerous. The main reasons why we go there is firstly down to the wonderful staff. They are really efficient and warm and talkative. If you time it right, and the kitchen is open, you may get some free tapas as well.

Secondly, the main bar hosts live bands on a regular basis and the quality of the music is second to none. Usually, we will have dinner and the music follows and it’s a really enjoyable evening. Unfortunately, it does mean attempting the famous ramp in order to get downstairs. But once down the ramp, the toilets are on that level so Rob, as an independent wheelchair user, can access to the toilets without help.

Finally, we enjoy going to Botanico because it is an independent restaurant and bar, surrounded by the huge chain of restaurants and bars in the Javea Group. We like supporting these independent bars and restaurants because the competition is high at El Arenal.

ramp for accessibility?Botanico Javea
Ramp for wheelchair accessibility? NO

How wheelchair Accessible is Botanico Bar and Restaurant, Javea?

Hand on heart, I have to say that it is not fully accessible for wheelchairs. The answer to this question, how accessible Botanico bar and restaurant?ha to be no.  The ramped access to the downstairs and seating and the all important  wheelchair accessible toilet is not an acceptable gradient and dangerous as well. There have been attempts made however and we will return because we like it so much and so do our friends. We would not be able to recommend Botanico bar and restaurant, Javea for wheelchair accessibility.

Where is Botanico, Javea?

The Botanico bar and  restaurant is located on the very edge of the El Arenal promenade. To the far right as you are facing the sea.

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