Casa Toni’s Restaurant, Moraira – How Accessible is it?

Myself and my Husband Rob, love dining out but a disabled accessible restaurant is must. So that we can have a relaxing, enjoyable time.  But how disabled accessible is Casa Toni’s Restaurant in Moraira?  We visited Casa Toni’s Moraira for a friend’s birthday lunch and it didn’t disappoint. Many of the restaurants in the Costa Blanca offer high-quality produce but Casa Toni’s feels just a little nicer than the norm. Because of this, it is a great restaurant for a special occasion or even just a lovely lunch or dinner. The serving staff could not do enough for us and it was a fine, relaxing lunch with great service.
€€ – They offer a set daily menu and an a-la-carte alternative.

Dining inside and outside at Restaurant Casa Toni – With the disabled traveller in mind

How accessible are the tables and chairs at Casa Toni’s restaurant? There is a large terrace  at Casa Toni’s with shaded areas, which is good for disabled access for patrons. There was a choice of differently shaped tables and chairs on the spacious terrace. For accessibility, the variety of placements of table legs offered at Casa Toni’s provides a good choice of alternatives for wheelchair users.  It was April so not full but there was space between tables which enabled easy movement. I believe that in the summer months the terrace will be less spacious as more tables are added.  The interior of the restaurant was not so expansive. However, there were double doors leading inside and a clear open route to the bar and bathroom.

No Disabled Parking at Casa Toni, Moraira UPDATE

There has been a parking update for Casa Toni’s restaurant in Moraia. Their car park is tarmacked and clean now.   I did not see an allocated disabled parking space, so parking in the high season may prove problematic.    The access from the car park involves crossing the car park, crossing a small road and then accessing a pavement via a drop-kerb. This access to Casa Toni’s restaurant could prove difficult (not impossible) for independent wheelchair users.

Disabled Ramp Access to Casa Toni, Moraira

After crossing the road, there is a short challenging climb (gradient of approximately 1:15) up the hill towards the entrance to the restaurant. Here, there is access via steps for non-wheelchair users. Moreover, up the hill is the purpose-made ramp for non-step access. The ramp is approximately 5 metres long, with a gradient of approximately 1:8.

Disabled Access Toilet Facilities at Casa Toni’s, Moraira

Firstly, there is a toilet at Casa Toni’s which is large enough to be accessible at the rear of the restaurant. However, disabled access to the toilet in the restaurant, could be challenging for an independent wheelchair user. For instant, the gradient of the ramp-up to the disabled toilet could cause necessary problems. For an independent wheelchair user,  it will be a struggle to stop on the ramp and then open the door. Therefore, some wheelchair users may require assistance getting into the toilet which is a shame as the accessible toilet is well proportioned and immaculately clean.

Is Casa Toni’s Restaurant Accessible for the independent Disabled Traveller?

In conclusion, how accessible in Toni’s restaurant? The absence of allocated parking is a shame.  The road leading up the restaurant and the ramp-up to the  toilet could prove a  challenging gradient for some. There is not a  spectacular view from the terrace  and it is close to the road.  The road is screened well by the placement of plants and a water feature. Finally,  disabled ramp at the entrance and the clean large accessible toilet shows a desire to provide access for all. With this added to the fantastic service, the high quality of the food and the general ambiance, it would be a venue that we would return to.

Location of Casa Toni, Moraira

Casa Toni Moraira Location

Casa Toni’s is located on Calle Cabo San Antonio, 2 03724, Teulada, Spain.

Click here to visit Casa Toni’s website.

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