Carnaval El Arenal wheelchair access

Carnaval Restaurant and Bar, Javea – How Wheelchair Accessible is it?

The wheelchair accessibility at Carnaval restaurant and bar, Javea is superb. The owners seemed to have considered many needs and I would include the ability for larger electric wheelchair users to dine here as well.

Disabled parking for Carnaval, Javea

Carnaval is located on El Arenal beach promenade. Accessible parking spaces in this area are usually found behind the main restaurant area in Avenida del Mediterrnean.  There are several disabled spaces and we often find that they are still free, even in the height of the peak season. People are very considerate here. If you are using a taxi, there is a rank, again behind the promenade. The promenade is wide and flat and I’m told by my husband Rob that it is a great surface for wheelchairs.

The layout and tables of the restaurant is OK for wheelchair  users.

The reason I say it is ok is because the layout is spacious and there are wide aisles for wheelchair accessible movement between tables and around the Carnaval. I do recall that even pre-covid, this was still the case. However, there are tables with pedestals which can make it difficult for some wheelchairs users to get really close to the tables for eating. Also fixed seating is great for non-disabled guests but a challenge for those with restricted movement.

Access to Carnaval Restaurant and Bar and disabled toilet

The access to the Carnaval for wheelchair users is fantastic. A small ramp has been added at the front and there is space around it for easy movement once inside.

Access to the disabled toilet is superb. You move through a really wide corridor to gain access to the larger ladies toilet which is also the disabled toilet. Rob doesn’t love going to the ladies but accessing  toilet that he can use, takes precedence over any embarrassment. Its no ideal but it won’t stop us going to these restaurants. The toilet itself is not the largest that we have been to. There is a support bar on the wall but the gap between the end of the toilet and the wall in front is vert short. Rob can transfer if required but the layout of this toilet makes transference tricky. Larger-wheelchair users may also struggle with this layout. Take a look at the images as they may help you.

What has Carnaval got to offer all travellers?

Carnaval is a great restaurant and bar. It has a lovely vibe and a bohemian buzz.  The food leans towards international cuisine with a varied menu specializing in  sushi. We use this restaurant for main meals either for lunch or dinner.  Its not the type of place you go for sandwiches or toasties.

Heres the link to their own website

covid menu carnaval accessible javea

Personal Notes

Carnaval is a welcoming, funky restaurant to visit. For full time wheelchair users, it has ease of access, ease of movement around the restaurant and to the disabled toilet. The accessible toilet is not the best I have seen but also not the worse. It is situated in front of a great play park for children. At a push, you could sit at the front of Carnival and have a small beer whilst the kids play on the playground. Didn’t tell you to do this though!

Carnaval is located on the El Arenal Beach promenade in Javea, Costa Blanca  in Spain.

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