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Casa Song Restaurant, Javea for the wheelchair user. How Accessible is it?

How accessible is Casa Song Restaurant Javesa for a wheelchair user?  How accessible is the restaurant?

Casa Song is a family-owned restaurant in Javea Costa Blanca. It is a real main-stay of Javea and although it is off the main drag, it is well worth a visit.

They have all of the favourites for a Chinese restaurant and a lot to choose from.  You can eat in or takeaway.  Their food is delicious and the service is excellent. But how accessible is this restaurant for wheelchair users?

Disabled parking for Casa Song Restaurant, Javea

Parking for Casa Song Restaurant for wheelchair users is the main concern for this restaurant.  There is road parking outside but there is no disabled space and we all know, it can be difficult to park next to a kerb for wheelchair users.  There is a variety of parking options in Javea for wheelchair users but this area is lacking in that department. Please do not be put off by the lack of parking for disabled users, however.

The suggested space for this restaurant is a short walk away, across the main road outside the Sabadell Bank. Here is the link for directions from the space to the restaurant.

Directions from disabled parking space to Casa Song

The layout and tables of the Restaurant are excellent for Wheelchair Users

The access for wheelchair users at Casa Song Restaurant Javea is good.  The Restaurant has a terrace to the front and a Large restaurant inside.  The terrace is not very spacious but my husband Rob is a full-time wheelchair user and he can access both the terrace and inside the restaurant easily. I believe that the larger wheelchairs may struggle on the terrace but will find ample space inside in the main restaurant.

Don´t get too excited about the terrace as the main road is noisy and it is not the prettiest of restaurants.

In the main restaurant, the tables are well spaced and Rob can easily get under the square tables making eating a pleasure.

Although we love going to this restaurant it does lack atmosphere. This restaurant is all about good food at a good price.  Sometimes during busy times, wheelchair users can find restaurants very busy and it can be frustrating. If you want a break from all that and want a quiet evening where space is plentiful then come to Casa Song, Javea or even come and get a takeaway.

Access to Casa Song Restaurant Javea and Disabled Toilet

Access to Casa Song, Javea for wheelchair users is excellent. They have a wide ramped entrance and spacious walkways within the restaurant allowing for easy movement for all sizes of wheelchairs.

The toilet at Casa Song is fully accessible for wheelchair users and always spotlessly clean.

Casa Song Restaurant Javea for all Travellers

Casa Song, Javea is one of those restaurants where the food is delicious, good value and popular but the venue is simple and relaxed.  I imagine a time on a holiday when people want to stay at home and have a takeaway or do not want the noise and boisterousness of the main tourist areas.

Casa song is perfect for wheelchair users and all travellers who want a simple, yet delicious Chinese/Thai meal with no thrills.

Personal notes for Casa Song Restaurant, Javea

Casa Song Restaurant Javea for the wheelchair user is second to none. The family are friendly and efficient. The food is good and access for wheelchair users is easy.

It is not a pretty restaurant but a well-known mainstay for locals. I personally feel that some of the dishes, especially the curries are more Thai than Chinese and their green Thai curry is delicious!

I would not go to Casa Song for a special event but you cannot beat the quality of the food and service and the accessibility for wheelchair users.

So is casa Song Restaurant Javea accessible for wheelchair users?  The answer is yes, yes, yes!

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