Premium Plus Steakhouse and Cocktail bar, Moraira. How accessible it it?

When asking how wheelchair accessible Premium Plus Steakhouse Restaurant and cocktail bar is, the review is mixed. It is a specialist steakhouse and whilst the food was of a high quality the accessibility was not.

Wheelchair access at Premium Plus Steakhouse Restaurant and cocktail bar

There are two areas of seating at Premium Plus. The first being the terrace outside on ground level which is wheelchair accessible once you have crossed over a small lip.

The second is inside the  air-conditioned restaurant itself. The question as to whether this is wheelchair accessible is dependent on your needs. There is a steep 8 steps to get up to get into the indoor seating which in no way can be described as accessible for wheelchair users.

Disabled parking for Premium Plus Steakhouse Restaurant and cocktail Bar , Moraira

The nearest parking to Premium Plus steakhouse restaurant ad Cocktail Bar is in the main carpark behind the row of restaurants and accessible via Ave. Madrid. It is a huge car park and some of it is taken by a fairground during high season.

However, there are no allocated disabled parking spaces here. The short promenade of restaurant where Premium Plus is located is accessible from the beach car park opposite after a short walk/wheel. We chose to park in the large main car park on the end of a row of non-disabled friendly spaces as it was closer.

What has Premium Plus steakhouse and Cocktail Bar, Moraira got to offer the disabled traveller?

I’m afraid the answer to this question is not a lot. In fact, we won’t be returning. We sat on the terrace on a very hot afternoon and there was no attempt to even offer fans to cool us down.  Other diners had the choice of going up the steps into the air-conditioned restaurant. An option which a disabled traveller did not have. There was no access to the toilet as it was in the main restaurant upstairs and although it was larger than normal, that didn’t matter because you wouldn’t be able to get to it.

Is Premium Plus Steakhouse and cocktail bar  Accessible for wheelchair users?

You can have access to the terrace at the front but as a disabled traveller, there your access ends. No access to a toilet or to the bar area.

There is no accessible toilet.

In conclusion, we will not be returning.  The food, staff or ambience was not special enough to tempt us back. There are so many more restaurant in Moraira which have attempted accessibility in some way and we will be going to those in the future.

Where is Premium Plus Steakhouse and bar?

The Premium Plus steakhouse and cocktail bar is located on Crtra Moraira a Calpe.


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