Wheelchair access at Gusto.it Restaurant Javea

Gusto.it Italian Restaurant Javea – Access for wheelchair users

August 2022 – This restaurant is under new management and although the accessibility remains the same, the quality of the food and service is not as the original blog states. Hoping to visit again soon and see improvement in these areas.

How is wheelchair access at Gusto.it Restaurant Javea? Access for wheelchairs to Gusto.it, is good. The terrace outside and the ramped entrance to the seating inside make it easy for wheelchair users. However, it is a small restaurant so movement around it during busy times could be challenging for wheelchair users.  Some of the tables have good access beneath so Rob in his wheelchair can get close to the table. I am not sure if there is perfect accessibility for the larger wheelchairs as it is a small restaurant. On the terrace, there would be no problems for different wheelchairs. A small complaint: There is no dropped kerb to get on and off the terrace. This needs to be altered for full access for wheelchair users.

Disabled Parking for wheelchair users visiting Gusto.it Restaurant.

When looking at wheelchair access at Gusto.it restaurant Javea, access to a parking space for some is vital. The location of Gusto.it restaurant means that there is no car park. However, there are several designated disabled parking spaces nearby. We have found that even in the height of summer, we can usually find a disabled space available. Locals do not park in them and are very respectful of the needs of others. The location of Gusto.it Restaurant is just behind the main strip behind the Arenal Beach area. The pavements are all flat, good for wheelchairs.

Access to a Disabled Toilet

lt is important to check for an accessible toilet and access the toilet. Gusto.it restaurant has an excellent accessible toilet and access to it is very easy. I estimate that a larger electric wheelchair could also be able to access this toilet. However, it is a small bistro and space is at a premium. Rob, as an independent wheelchair user, had no trouble at all. during busy times, however, the corridor is narrow so it could prove frustrating for some.

Images of the disabled toilet.

Where will you find Gusto.it Restaurant Javea?

Gusto.it can be found on Avenida Arenal a street perpendicular to the main strip of restaurants at the back of the Arenal Beach area. Wheelchair access for Gusto.it is easy as this area is all flat and it is not far to push from the beach.

How Wheelchair accessible is Gusto.it Restaurant in Javea?

Concluding this review of wheelchair access at Gusto.it Restaurant in Javea, I have to say that I cannot recommend it enough. There are so many restaurants in this area but if you are looking for wheelchair access and superb Italian food then gusto.it restaurant Javea is for you. The ease of access whilst retaining its bistro feel makes it a really lovely alternative to those at the seafront.  The owners of Gusto.it are really hands-on and you feel really looked after here. They also have an extensive takeaway menu if you are just looking for fantastic food to take to the beach or to take home.

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